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Hi mama, I'm Bibi, recently certified Dona International Doula completed under the guidance of the amazing Debra Pascali-Bonaro of Orgasmic Birth. I am based in the Hudson Valley (Ny), serving the following counties: Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Putnam, Westchester, Kings, Queens and Manhattan. I'm currently working on my bio for you ladies. In the meantime here is an informal intro to who I am and what I am currently offering...

I am the mother of one sweet baby that came into the world at the height of the pandemic. This experience made me very aware of the need for support during such a delicate and special time in our life. I was blessed to have my partner with me, who did the impossible to be at my side during an intense three day long labor. However I cannot express how much I longed for a caring woman's presence at my side throughout this time. Despite the love and support my partner could give me at any time, I felt a deep need to have a doula - or a woman there to support me emotionally and with the knowledge of birth to reassure me during the most challenging hours. Even though my birth experience was beautiful and perfect for my baby and I, I am certain things would have gone differently had a doula been there. I was unable to have one at my side partly because of finances and partly because we thought it would take away from our bonding. So mama I'm here to say, a doula is there to enhance that bond and to make sure you both have the energy needed to each do your role as best you can, while feeling held and guided when needed. 

I'm here because I know how much love and support we need during birth and I am called to provide that for you, as I deeply felt I needed it and was unable to have it. I look forward to meeting you and working together. Stay tuned for a more decent bio.

As this is the beginning on my doula journey I am offering discounted rates. I come with over 10 years of world wide yoga teaching  experience, health coaching certification and now a DONA International Doula Certification. You can see more about me on bibilorenzetti.com 


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I am here for you.

If you feel you need extra in person support we can customize your plan to receive more in person visit throughout your journey.

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"As someone who does not practice any yoga or meditation, I was able to acquire new appreciation and reflection of my body. Bibi taught me the essentials of breathing that helped manage and mitigate the discomfort of birth and feel empowered to overcome it. Thank you Bibi for grounding me in this experience and sourcing strength from within" 




I'm Here For You

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