Birth With Bibi

DONA Birth Doula, Postpartum Ayudoula, Yoga Teacher & Health Coach

About Bibi

Bibi is a Mother, DONA Birth Doula, Postpartum Ayudoula, Yoga Teacher and a Health Coach based in the Hudson Valley, where she runs a sweet home yoga studio. Her work is rooted in years of experience supporting women from all paths of life and her own empowering, deeply transformative birth experience which sparked her calling to support other women on the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Her passion for and knowledge of the pregnant woman’s physiology inform her well rounded practice. 


Bibi brings passion, encouragement and nourishing energy to all women that cross her path, empowering them through the most magical, difficult moments of labor and birth. She believes that pregnancy and birth are vital to the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children, parents, and our society as a whole and that the bond between children and their parents begins in the womb. The scope of her work is to create a strong foundation for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time, through yoga, ayurvedic self care practices, nutrition and birth support. She offers a non-judgemental, hands-on, compassionate, calming presence. Her work  includes partner coaching, breathing & relaxation techniques, birth art, comfort measures, emotional support and a willingness to serve as her clients find their way through their birth journey. 


She believes a positive birth experience ignites the flame for empowerment, and is available to all. Being aware of one’s own fears and replacing them with knowledge and resilience to build confidence in one’s own strength and courage is a key element to the process. As your doula she outlines the ‘birth roadmap’ and gives you the tools to gracefully embrace the unique unpredictable nature of birth. “I’m here to hold your hand so you may navigate the deep acceptance that birth requires and the profoundly important transition into motherhood with ease. My wish is to help you live and create a birth story that you can keep as the most profound memory for years to come”.

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DONA Certified

with Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Spinning Babies & Penny Simkin

Lactation Course for Doulas

Lamaze Childbirth Educator Course

Women’s Hormones Course: An Ayurvedic Approach with Dr. Claudia Welch

Postpartum Ayudoula

Sacred Window Baby's Best Beginnings Course

 Ayurveda Basics for Postpartum Recovery 

Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Level II Authorization

IIN Certified Health Coach

300hr Yoga Alliance Certified

Free Consultation



Two prenatal visits
Unlimited phone & email support

Labor & birth support:

Comfort measures

Rebozo techniques


Water immersion

Movement for labor

Hot & Cold therapy

Breathing & relaxation

The three R's

Emotional support

Immediate postpartum support

Breastfeeding support

One postpartum home visit


Postpartum meal plans

Nourishing food deliveries

Closing the birth energy

Belly wrapping

Vagina Steaming

Newborn support

Breastfeeding support

Emotional support

Parenting coaching

Ayurvedic selfcare techniques

Sacred Window support

JUNE 26 & 27

Virtual group course:

2 two hour prenatal prep sessions 

Session 1: Meal preparation

Session 2: Self and baby care

Weekly 60 minute meetings

Themes to be discussed:

The emotions of postpartum (anger, sadness, melancholy, grief, emptiness, joy)

Relationship changes and how to navigate them

Baby sleep

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor

Safe movement, yoga and exercises

Letting go of the rules and following your intuition

Access to the breastfeeding circle


"Bibi was pivotal to our prenatal, birthing, and postpartum experience. It was important to me to stay present in the delivery room, to not get lost in the stress, pain, or clinical-ness of it all. With Bibi's guidance, I was able to source strength I didn't know I had and enjoy the magnitude of the moment. She paid close attention to my goals and my partner's needs, helping us both locate and hold on to joy. I will take with me a powerful memory of the day: as the doctor and nursing staff urged me to push as baby was almost out, Bibi whispered a reminder to savor the moment, as it would be the last time baby was inside me. With Bibi's help, we were able to keep our attention trained on what mattered. So grateful for her guidance and knowledge. A blessing!" 


- Ashna Shah