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Birth Doula Services

*Initial meeting interview

*Four prenatal visits:

1. understanding the phases of labor

2. Comfort measures

3. Breastfeeding & baby care

4. Crossing the threshold & postpartum prep

*Unlimited phone & email support

*Labor & birth preparation /support

*Immediate postpartum support

*Breastfeeding support

*One postpartum home visit

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Group Birth Preparation Course

Next  start date:


*4 group calls with themes:

Understanding the stages of birth

Comfort measures

The Birth Warrior: Dismantling the myths and fear clearing 

Breastfeeding, breast care, and Essential Postpartum Planning 

*Mother Initiation Ceremony 

*Prenatal Yoga Videos

*One 1 on 1 session

*10% off each of the following:

Postpartum course, Mama healing Retreat, Postnatal Mama Support Circle

Email bibi for details

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Mama Healing Retreats

*Connect with natural rhythms through morning yoga practice, mindful hiking, and evening yin practice followed by meditation

*Replenish our physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual, and social resources 

*Engage in womb-healing ritual and fire ceremony

*Plant intentional seeds for the future 

*Generate lasting bonds

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Crossing the Threshold

A postnatal Preparation Course

*2 two hour prenatal prep sessions 

Session 1: Meal preparation

Session 2: Self and baby care

*Weekly 60 minute meetings

Themes to be discussed:

The emotions of postpartum 

Relationship changes and how to navigate them

Baby sleep

*Pelvic floor healing

*Safe movement, yoga and exercises

*Letting go of the rules and following your intuition


Mama Support Circles

*Receive the help of a doula in a group setting

*Feel guided & informed

*Connect with others mamas

*Feel supported through your struggles

*Share your stories

*Generate lasting bonds

*Weekly and monthly gatherings on

*On zoom

Abstract Background

Mother Blessing Ceremony

“All ceremonies symbolically destroy one world to create a new one. A Mother Blessing Ceremony acknowledges the woman’s new status as mother and helps her say good-bye to the life she is leaving behind.”

Pam England


*Labyrinths, meditation, sharing circles

*Candle ceremonies

*Dancing, massage, and more