The Role Of A Doula

"With compassion, patience, and calm, doulas can help us remember to trust what we already know instinctively, and help us learn to be flexible when faced with the unknown. With this support, we can love our children and our families more deeply. In the end, there is no perfect birth, just like there is no perfect marriage or perfect child. Doulas are not about achieving perfection; they are more about clearing a path that will bring you home.

Women around the world and throughout time have known how to take care of each other in birth. They’ve shown each other the best positions for comfort in labor, they’ve used nurturing touch and repeated soothing words, and they’ve literally held each other up when it’s needed the most. Today doulas are helping revive this essential tradition. The rise of doulas is a powerful example of women taking grassroots action to help themselves and other women.

Birth doula specializes in providing one-on-one physical and emotional comfort during labor. She gives continuous labor support. During pregnancy, doulas work closely with both you and your partner to point out how each of you is contributing and how to enhance that teamwork.

Birth is an unforgettable experience. You’ll remember giving birth to your baby for years to come. The decisions you make for your care will have a great impact on you, your family, and your baby. The birth of your baby will have profound emotional significance, and your journey as a new parent will be one of wonder, doubt, and self-discovery." (An exerpt from 'The Doula Guide To Birth' by Ananda Lowe & Rachel Zimmerman

Postnatal Mama Support Circle

Transitioning to motherhood can embody a diverse palate of emotions and challenges for every new mama, but for some it can bring along feelings of anger, fear, solitude, sadness, insecurity, and anxiety to name a few. Community is the best medicine for healing; being surrounded by other mamas that share in the same challenges can be the most supporting and deeply nourishing offering we can give ourselves.

This circle offers support for new mamas looking for connection in the first year of motherhood, with an emphasis on joining for the first five weeks immediately after birth and continuing on as needed throughout the remainder of that first year. We gather weekly on Zoom to discuss specific topics such as: birth stories, sleep/exhaustion, breastfeeding & weaning, postpartum emotions, nutrition, healing the womb, anxiety about ‘bouncing back’, relationship dynamics, transition back to work and more.


Most of us don’t know what this time will be like for us, we have an ideal image of it, but the truth is that motherhood is messy, deeply emotional, transformational, physically & mentally exhausting  and at times overwhelming.  We need each other to navigate it with grace.  This mama circle will provide you with a platform of support, connection and empowerment through listening to others experiences and sharing our own.


All mamas of all racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religious, and other identity groups to join me for this time together. 

Join the mama tribe :)

We gather once a week on Tuesdays 1 - 2pm



$75 for 5 weeks attendance 

$15 drop in

How do I sign up? 

*Circle is recurring so all you need to do is:

*Ideally Sign-up for a circle based on your due date, but feel free to sign up at any point you feel the need to, and stay with us for as long as you see fit in the first year of your baby’s life.

*Receive guidelines and zoom links a few days before your first circle. 

*On the day of your circle join us on zoom. It is an informal meeting, so boobs, dirty diapers, messy hair...all of it is welcome. We come as we are :)

*Receive emails with notes and handouts on the topics discussed
*Discover that you are not alone in your journey but that other mamas in your circle are feeling or experiencing the exact same thing you are!

*Look forward to reconnecting the following week & make lasting friendships all over the world.

Prenatal Mama Support Circle

Pregnancy is a time of joy, transformation and uncertainty. This is especially true with the current added challenges of a pandemic. This prenatal support circle will provide you with a safe space where to process your feelings, gain skills for coping and connect you with other expecting mamas during your journey through pregnancy.


Each session will have a themed discussion related to pregnancy and the emotional challenges added by being pregnant during these specific times.


Join me every last Saturday 11-12 pm of the month

On Zoom