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The Role Of A Doula

"With compassion, patience, and calm, doulas can help us remember to trust what we already know instinctively, and help us learn to be flexible when faced with the unknown. With this support, we can love our children and our families more deeply. In the end, there is no perfect birth, just like there is no perfect marriage or perfect child. Doulas are not about achieving perfection; they are more about clearing a path that will bring you home.

Women around the world and throughout time have known how to take care of each other in birth. They’ve shown each other the best positions for comfort in labor, they’ve used nurturing touch and repeated soothing words, and they’ve literally held each other up when it’s needed the most. Today doulas are helping revive this essential tradition. The rise of doulas is a powerful example of women taking grassroots action to help themselves and other women.

Birth doula specializes in providing one-on-one physical and emotional comfort during labor. She gives continuous labor support. During pregnancy, doulas work closely with both you and your partner to point out how each of you is contributing and how to enhance that teamwork.

Birth is an unforgettable experience. You’ll remember giving birth to your baby for years to come. The decisions you make for your care will have a great impact on you, your family, and your baby. The birth of your baby will have profound emotional significance, and your journey as a new parent will be one of wonder, doubt, and self-discovery." (An exerpt from 'The Doula Guide To Birth' by Ananda Lowe & Rachel Zimmerman

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