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6 weeks SACRED WINDOW postpartum care online program live:


Group Course includes:

2 two hour prenatal prep sessions to prepare for the immediate postpartum time

90 minute weekly hour long meeting for 6 weeks 

Free access to the breastfeeding circle



Prenatal session 1: Meal preparation

We will spend two hours in the kitchen together learning how to prepare:

  • herbal infusions to support your milk production, 

  • 4 essential deeply healing, easy to digest for mama and baby, nourishing for all meals to have ready for when you come home, and to easily continue to make throughout the following 6 weeks. These include Kitchari, Dhal, a blood building broth, and gluten free lactation cookies. I will share the recipes for you to keep.

  • Ghee for the immediate post birth recovery and daily use


We will also cover the essentials to making a meal plan that will ensure a good start, help you overcome unhealthy cravings, promote good digestion for you and baby, prevent constipation and support the deep tissue healing that your body needs to undergo during the first six weeks.. 


Prenatal Session 2: Self and baby care  

We will spend two hours together learning how to practice deeply healing Ayurvedic self care techniques for you and baby that will ensure a speedy recovery and prevent later physical, emotional and immune imbalances. These practices include:

  • Abhyanga self massage

  • Vagina steaming

  • Bellybinding

  • Mother roasting

  • Infant massage

  • Sustainable breastfeeding practices

  • Breast care to prevent and heal nipple issues (expressing techniques, massage techniques, ointments)

  • Pranayama & meditation practices to close the birth energy

  • Perineal care


Weekly wisdom check ins:

We will gather weekly to discuss your emotional state, your joys, your sorrows, your doubts and your victories. This weekly gathering is meant to ensure you feel held, supported and guided through the process of becoming a mother. Each week will open with a meditation followed by a theme discussion and individual sharing time. 


Themes to be discussed (subject to change slightly):

  • The emotions of postpartum (anger, sadness, melancholy, grief, emptiness, joy)

  • Relationship changes and how to navigate them

  • Baby sleep

  • Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor

  • Safe movement, yoga and exercises

  • Letting go of the rules and following your intuition


Financial Commitment

Live on zoom

Regular price $420 

Early bird $370

Recordings of the prenatal meetings and live weekly check ins $250


Once registered you will receive recipes, shopping lists and other resources adherent to the practices discussed. 

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